Please follow below instructions to configure API access on your C-Topia app. Log in via your PC and select settings in upper right corner, just below your profile name and avatar.

Then, after going to settings, select Security on left side and add your 2nd factor authentication as per below screenshot.

After selecting security, please read out following details under "Api Settings" parameter, API key and Api Secret. 

Additionally, please make sure, for added security that you do not have selected "Enable Withdrawal". It will prevent any misusage of the key to withdraw the money from your account. API key is equivalent of your username and best if not shared with anyone. API secret is used to generate one time security authentication tokens, so please make sure that you do not share it with anyone. Take note of API key and API secret (and make sure that Enable API is selected).


And finally, in your C-Topia app, add following details in settings bar: Add API key as seen in Cryptopia web site on your PC and add "Secret" as seen in "Api Secret" when accessed through PC. If you will have problems and information about failed authorization, please make sure that you have transcribed the key and secret properly (case sensitive). Sometimes, not whole key or secret is displayed so try to scroll right on both fields.

If you will still have issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us at please.

Good luck!